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A Little Bit About Me - Otiose Overachiever

 Howdy! If you have by some wonder of coincidence stumbled upon my blog, welcome! I should probably write a little bit about myself (that  is  the title of this blog post after all), so here goes! My name is Serene, and I am an avid reader & writer with a penchant for good puns, pastel color palettes, windy weather (the non-dangerous kind), and sweet & spicy flavor combinations! This is essentially my first foray into the lovely world of blogging, so I am still learning about a lot of different things.                       At this point, I myself am not quite sure what I would like my blog to be about. I have a jumbled hodgepodge of hobbies and interests, so it will most likely be a little all-over-the-place (in the most marvelous way possible, of course)! Here's a sneak peek at some potential blog post topics: - book reviews (technically my 1st blog post was a book it seems like I might be blogging out of order, but that's okay!) - personal anecdotes (simp

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